Your immediate vs distant experience

Today I was finally trying to work on my introductory speech for my next video. “Trying to”, grammar point here. Can it get any more abstract?

ChatGPT says, “a grammar point is not an abstract concept in itself, but rather a concrete idea.” For sure, ChatGPT, for sure. But only for you, as someone who doesn’t have to brush his teeth and do a hundred other things to maintain basic physical health.

My intro speech. No progress. And obsolete nowadays, especially on social media. And what’s not counted as social media nowadays? I couldn’t phrase it. I was walking around, turning the sentences in my head. Sitting at the coffee shop, looking through the window at the nearby park, thinking up and down. I thought: first, I should write it down.

But the File > New… stayed empty. I can stare at the trees in a park, but I refuse to stare at a blank sheet of paper. I will turn it around then. I will START with the class right away. And THEN, after filming the class, while my experience is still running hot—through me neurons, bones and muscles—I’ll talk about the benefits and my reasoning. And put that in post in front of the movement sequence. In this way I will talk about my immediate experience, rather than my distant experience. So, let’s see how this will pan out. No last thoughts.