You need to look in the forbidden place

A man in search of solace came to an independent teacher and asked him what type of trauma therapy would be the best for him. The teacher answered: To look at your parents and childhood, your upbringing, and your so-called traumatic events, be it with the help of a therapist, a group, or on your own, that’s all well and just. But if that’s all you’re going to do then, “Good luck.” If you really want to resolve trauma, the teacher said to the man, then you need to look where all the therapists, even the world famous, most celebrated, and most highly praised trauma therapists forbid you to look. They will all stop you from looking, try to extinguish the smallest light and inkling, try to divert your attention. If you really want to resolve trauma, and replace this terrible, all consuming darkness with something better, you will have to look at compulsory schooling; what it did to you, and what it did to everyone and everything you loved.