Writing a course outline

It seems like… it’s about time… for me to pick up some pace in designing a course, or training program. Words. So many words to think and to write about. I look around:

The Orff method teaches music in four stages: imitation, exploration, improvisation, and composition.

Says some website about music learning. It continues:

The Suzuki Method is modelled after a child’s innate ability to learn their native language. The basic principles of language acquisition are applied to music learning.

Art. Music. Language. We learn to make sense of movement first. As babies we learn to read movements and body language first. We learn to read faces before we learn to make sense of words and sentences. We learn to make faces before we learn to speak our first words in our first language.

Movement imitation, exploration, improvisation, and composition, it all intertwines. But it seems like that we indeed learn movement first. And then put movements together to do things… like grabbing, holding, drinking, reaching, babbling, speaking, singing, crawling, sitting… a million things after that, a million things that intermingle.

Module 1. Insert title here