Who would I have been?

Lately I often wonder who I would have been if I had had more money. What if I had grown up in an environment that would have better supported my development? What if I had met people with whom I could have built something. Or maybe I did meet them, but what if I had acknowledged these encounters and jumped in with both feet? Or what if, what if I had pursued a line of business that had monetisation in its center, rather than meaning? Or a business that had both? What if I had invested just a little bit, a couple of hundreds, in Apple, or Microsoft, or Oracle, or Bitcoin, when I first heard about these things?

I wonder what projects I would have created? What communities I would have built? And what I would have contributed to all of humankind?

I also wonder what kind of house I would have bought, and where I would have lived. Which place would I have chosen on this Earth? How would my garden have looked like? What furniture would I have bought, and what art would I have had around me? What people would I have met, and whom would I have married?

What if this? What if that? What if? What if?