What’s the difference?

With the frontside facing the floor, lifting the right elbow, but in one case—we’re working on a case now, Dr. Watson—the legs are long and spread out, and in the other case a kind of kneeling or sitting on the heels.

What’s the difference with these two movements? What do they mean? Where do they lead to? Where do they belong? Flexion? Extension? Coming from kneeling to standing? Turning maybe? Do they affect the nerves in the back? The sacrum? The legs? The neck? What are those movements for?

And the same question again. Leaning on the elbows. Lifting and lowering the head. Or sinking and lifting the spine in between the shoulder blades. Exhibit A: in kneeling—there’s documentary evidence now, Dr. Watson—Exhibit B: in kneeling on the heels. What’s the difference?

Can I try one more? Or is your brain already fried? Mine is mush!

Leaning on the elbows, or leaning on the hands. What’s the difference, what’s the difference? I need to know, what is it, what is it?