What are my viewers actually interested in?

So- this morning I sat down in my daily coffee shop routine and was thinking, “I wonder what my readers think about my recent articles about body awareness?” and immediately thereafter I had the glorious question, “I wonder what my viewers are actually interested in?” hm-emoji 🤔

In thought I might pop Colin or Simon a message, but then I thought I might just pop ChatGPT a message instead. So I dropped a couple of dozen Youtube comments into ChatGPT, “Please have a look at these video comments and tell me what people are interested in the most.”

I think there’s already a deep, unsurmountable divide between humans and ChatGPT when it comes to reading skills, reading speed, and writing skills. So, that’s still me Alfons writing. ChatGPT wouldn’t bother with existential philosophy and critique.

Here’s what ChatGPT answered, in less than a second:

Based on the provided video comments, it seems that people are primarily interested in the following aspects:

  1. Appreciation for the instructor: Many comments express gratitude and admiration for the instructor, praising their teaching style, sense of humor, and presentation skills.
  2. Positive effects and personal experiences: Several comments mention specific benefits or improvements experienced as a result of the lessons, such as relief from pain, relaxation, improved mobility, and heightened body awareness.
  3. Specific questions and requests for guidance: Some comments seek advice and clarification on certain exercises or techniques, requesting further suggestions or explanations from the instructor.
  4. Engagement and preference for longer or shorter videos: A few comments express differing opinions on video length, with some preferring longer videos for deeper exploration and others appreciating shorter versions.
  5. Sharing personal stories and connections: Several comments share personal anecdotes, experiences, and connections made with the instructor, demonstrating the impact of the lessons on their lives.
  6. Compliments and gratitude: Numerous comments express appreciation and praise for the lessons, the instructor’s positive attitude, and the effectiveness of the exercises.

Overall, people are interested in the instructor’s teaching style, the benefits and personal experiences gained from the lessons, and seeking further guidance and clarification on specific exercises.