Turning the head in prone position – Starting position

Please come to lie on your front side. In this position the floor is directly in front of you, and the ceiling is in the back of you. The orientation is obvious, but these things might go unnoticed if not mentioned explicitly. Or maybe I’m just giving it a double stitch so to speak. In this way these light and elusive things hold together much better. Being wide aware of your orientation is part of the lesson and learning. 

Your shoulder girdle and your pelvic girdle are parallel to the floor, and at the same time they are parallel to the ceiling. If you are in a squared room, that is.

Extend your left arm downwards, alongside your torso. Park your left arm like this. Then stand your right hand next to your shoulder, so that your right elbow is pointing backwards, towards the ceiling. Your right hand should stand somewhat like in a push-up, the fitness exercise.

Then turn your head to the right, at least a little bit. I know that’s not comfortable for everyone. There’s no need to have your left ear fully flush on the ground, just turn your head to the right as far as it’s comfortable.

Place both your legs on the floor, extended, straight downwards, more or less, let them fall into place, and rest them too, relaxed.

So that’s the starting position.