To the bones description of Shoulder Circles

(10 mins) In side-lying on your right side, move your left shoulder 

  • forwards,
  • backwards,
  • forwards-and-backwards, 
  • up, 
  • differentiation: while shoulder up towards your head, your left ear down towards your shoulder (lift head), 
  • down,
  • up-and-down, 
  • clockwise circles, 
  • counter-clockwise circles,

Rest on your back, feel and observe. Which shoulder feels better, which one feels more like you would like it to be?

Which one sparks joy?

„And, by the way, can you feel any difference in your face between the right side and the left side? And your hip joint, doesn’t the left side, in general, feel different from the right one?” – Moshé Feldenkrais