Heaven helps those who help themselves
Don't wait until your discomfort becomes unbearable – or surgery is suggested – act today! Embark on this veritable journey into self-help, knowledge and movement.

See what people say about this course:

“Big improvement!! That simple first movement (sternum up and down) was very difficult for me at first. So much easier now. Thanks again! Alfons!”
– jojolouis

“Amazing! I love your comments during the lessons. There is no limit to improving yourself! Thank you.”
– Jeoung Nam Park

“I'm so grateful for your lessons. I enjoy doing them but it's the next day when I feel at ease in my body, flexible and strong and with an elegant posture.”
– Elisa Coves

In this course you will learn how far you can take yourself in terms of feeling smoother, easier, lighter, more pleasurable, warmer, more relaxed, and less painful.

Intelligently crafted movements and movement experiments are put together into a progression that is nothing short of amazing. You will do movements in your mind and in your body, become more aware of your separate parts (e.g. your shoulder blades and collarbones) and how these parts move and connect together, influence and help each other.

In short: in this course you will make yourself as a whole feel better, and not just your neck.

Improve the way
you move yourself

Experience how far you can take yourself in terms of feeling smoother, easier, lighter, less painful, more pleasurable, warmer, more relaxed, more aware of yourself. Make your neck and yourself as a whole person feel better, all over.

This purchasable, downloadable course of 6 video lessons (5-25 minutes each) has neither advertisement breaks nor advertisement banners imposed on it, and a higher video quality than what you would get on Youtube. These are the lessons:

Squeeze and release

Can a single, light and easy movement significantly release tension in the shoulders? It's all about how you do it!

Knowledge is soothing

Learn basic anatomical terms and shapes of your shoulders, and have a soothing self-therapy session at the same time!

A new perspective

Instead of holding the spine static and moving the shoulders around the chest, in this lesson you hold the arms static, and move the chest and spine around the shoulders. Experience a true game changer!

Support from within

Take the benefits of the classic spine exercise, the cat-camel, to a whole new level. Knowledge is power!

Seeing it clearly

The eyes play a huge role for hormones and wellbeing, as neuroscientist found out recently. But can the eyes improve the neck and shoulders, the whole posture even? You will find out!

Beyond limits

How far can we take it? There are no limits to improvement. Movement is skill and art, the journey begins!

Episode List

Ep. 1 - Squeeze and release - 4:40 minutes
Ep. 2 - Knowledge is soothing - 12:11 minutes
Ep. 3 - A new perspective - 25:33 minutes
Ep. 4 - Support from within - 15:51 minutes
Ep. 5 - Seeing it clearly - 26:29 minutes
Ep. 6 - Beyond limits - 18:10 minutes

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