Thou shalt not be aware – traumatised and dissociated

A Somatics class. Position: Lie on your back, have your feet standing.

Instruction: Lift your head with the help of both hands.

Beginner’s reaction: Done. Too easy. What muscles does this exercise target? Can this help me lose weight? This is a good stretching exercise. Will this get me more views on Instagram? My neck is hurting. How can I make this exercise harder?

Solution: Let’s unpack this one movement, together. After about 45 minutes you will see the world with a pair of fresh eyes, and feel inspired, liberated, confident and at ease, like someone who has just embarked on the most marvellous journey. I’m here to help, to guide you, to give you ideas that are key, to invite you to move ever so gently. Let’s begin. Please rest on your back, with your legs extended [..]