The rejuvenating human touch

I’ve just seen the famous speaker Jordan B. Peterson in a recent video, I guess, in a speech he gave in Jerusalem. I was thinking, “Oh, he looks more dried-up than ever.” Almost frail, his physical body dearly exhausted. I was thinking, here you have a person with all the money in the world, with access to the supposedly best clinics and best doctors, yet unable to find real help, quite obviously so.

Maybe that’s presumptuous. I don’t even know why I was thinking that, or why I seem to care. Maybe because I’ve read some of his essays, or listened to some of his earlier work, and found that helpful and inspiring. Now as much as I would like to work with him, see if he could get better, I have no way of contacting him. He is, I guess, stuck in his sophisticated network, essentially unable to try anything outside the world of the rich and famous. It’s almost ironic. Even more so when considering that his wife is a former massage therapist. Help might be right there, under his very own roof.

I wonder what that means for myself? For my own health. I surely won’t be able to go on forever, all on my own. I will have to find students to teach, so they can work on me hands-on. I can’t work hands-on to myself, I can’t move and massage myself the way I could be moved and massaged by someone else. We humans are born to be able to touch, to sense, to move, to massage and help others (and help all animals, that is.) It’s plain obvious, just like horses have hooves and are born to run, and birds have wings and are born to fly (and pass plant seeds out along with their droppings all over the land).

I do go to massages, like twice a month, and try a different place or practitioner each time. But no matter where I go, the quality is dearly lamentable, a faded shadow of what could be possible, of what would be needed. I’ve yet to find a massage practitioner I can talk to and teach. Usually there’s a language barrier, or an ideological barrier. After all, I don’t have a state certificate in massage therapy, so what could I possibly know about it? (That was sarcasm.) I wonder how much longer I myself can keep up without receiving the rejuvenating human touch.

I will try a new place and a new practitioner tomorrow. Never ever give up.