That fleeting triumphant feeling

I was looking at trending Youtubers teaching functional fitness exercises. The pinnacle of the movement movement.

Strengthening, stretching, conditioning,
greasing the groove.
Assessing, adjusting, correcting,
coaches approve.
Collecting certificates,
signing certificates.
Performing, competing, teaching,

My gosh, in some of these exercises they really make it hard for themselves. They deflate their tires, pull their parking brakes, pack on some weight, and then try to drive as hard as they can. I wonder: »Must we always suffer in order to have lightness and ease some time later?«

And on that same note, putting ourselves under pressure in order to get things moving, is that a good idea? (it might, it might not be) Where do these ideas even come from?

We come to this world and we learn. There’s things we learn and things we don’t learn. There’s environments that are more supportive, others less. There’s ideas we’re exposed to. And once we can speak and listen and read, and once we’re able to move on our own, it’s our own responsibility to expose ourselves to new and better ideas, better environments.

Mistakes happen. All along the way.

I don’t think that childhood trauma is immutable, permanent damage. I think it’s a problem about learning. A problem about our immediate environment and the ideas and sentiments we have been (or have not been) and continue to be exposed to. And about which thoughts and views we feel comfortable going with.

So, let’s say someone was never exposed to the ideas of

Moshé Feldenkrais,
Charlotte Selver,
Alice Miller,
John Taylor Gatto,
Stephen Krashen or Frank Smith (the psycholinguists).

Just for example. These are my examples. I could as well say, say, Maria Montessori, Viktor Schauberger, Bert Hellinger, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ignaz Semmelweis, Jim Davis’s Garfield. What of it?

Who are your favourite teachers, what are your favourite ideas? What are the conditions for learning? What makes us go look for more? What makes us stay with what we already have? What is the difference between movement learning in the sense of „Personal Coaching” and in the sense of „Somatic Education”?