Call me crazy, but most of my courses are for free!
Call me crazy, but most of my courses are available for free – with minimal barriers in between you and me. No opt-in, no sign-up, no membership, no download required. Access is as easy as watching Youtube or reading a blog.

Many of my teachings are inspired by the work of Moshé Feldenkrais (1904 -1984), a genius in the field of Somatic Education, far ahead of his time. Maybe that’s why – back in the day – many of his students were psychologists and philosophers, and his teachings reserved for those with the financial means and willingness to sign tight agreements.

In turn, I’m committed to making my teachings as accessible as possible, on a practical level as well as through my way of teaching. What I teach is sophisticated enough to require your full attention – and quite a bit of your time. Therefore you should be able to access my teachings as quickly and conveniently as possible.

However, providing most of my teachings for free doesn’t mean that I’m on a suicide mission. I do depend on your support and philanthropy. If you find my teachings useful – for yourself as well as everyone in a less fortunate position – I have a Patreon channel where you can show your support and give back:

Change the way
teaching is valued

On Patreon, you can become an active supporter of me as a teacher and creator – like in the days before compulsory schooling and institutionalised education, when students and teachers did rely upon each other. Furthermore, by becoming a patron you not only give value to your own study practice, but show your concern for the happiness and wellbeing of other human beings who are in a less fortunate position and unable to give back. As additional benefit you get notified of what I think are my most important video releases, additional notes and stories to those videos, and access to sending me messages, suggestions and questions in Patreon's private messenger.

Here is a selection of my courses that you can study right away, for free:

Getting better day by day: Study these lessons first

2 talks, 9 lessons (35-55 minutes each) This one-of-a-kind course is your doorway into the fascinating world of Somatic Education. Every lesson is built on top of the other. A sophisticated, life changing 9 day program.

Hip joints workshop

1 talk, 4 lessons (30-40 minutes each) Find relief from chronic pain and tightness, or learn to move more fluently through light and gentle, as well as intelligently arranged movements in your hip joints.

Relief for Neck and Shoulders

3 lessons (20-30 minutes each) Release tension from a stiff or painful neck, recover faster from injury or supplement your rehab from surgery.

From the ground up

14 lesson (20-45 minutes each) A challenging and complete re-organisation of how you hold yourself from the ground up – starting with your toes, ankles, knees, hip joints, all the way up. This program taught me how to run again.

Tight Neck? Here's help!

6 lessons (5-25 minutes each) Experience how far you can take yourself in terms of feeling smoother, easier, lighter, less painful, more pleasurable, warmer, more relaxed, more aware of yourself. Make your neck and yourself as a whole person feel better, all over.

Increase your turn

7 lessons (5-35 minutes each) Tried and proven strategies to improve the turning of your chest, shoulders, hips, neck. Whether you use this for golf, driving, chronic pain, or performance, you need to know these valuable lessons.

I have literally hundreds of videos on Youtube for you to jump right in, for free. It took thousands of hours to produce these videos. Typically I spend between one workday and one week to produce one video. I hope you find my lessons as beneficial and relevant and enjoyable as I do.

And if you're already my patron, you can see from the many comments on the videos how big and positive of a difference they make to so many people's lives!

Being a patron is a marvellous way to directly and personally support your favourite teachers and creators. Starting at $1 per video, support as much as you see fit.