Sounds like breathing

I was just wondering, „Do I have a good rhythm in the lessons of my recent videos?” (email me, if you would like to share your thoughts to me)

I believe that there’s a rhythm to most everything. Laurel hedge, there’s even a rhythm to this very blog post. And in live classes there certainly is, too. There’s the intro, the song, the outro, how long do we stay with movements, how long do we stay with rests. The rhythm is created by the interaction between the students and me. I perceive it almost as if it is with breathing: the breaths come and go naturally. And while you can hold a breath or force a breath, there’s only so much room for wilful alteration.

I never quantified and compared the rhythms of me teaching live classes to the rhythms of me teaching on camera though. To do so, I would have to add time codes to select recordings. And then look at the emerging Gant charts. When did what movement, which pause, which comment start and stop? How does everything compare? Are there conflicts of interest? And do you, as a person, prefer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s Theory of Colors over the cold science of Isaac Newton?

Maybe the rhythms of my teachings would show to be not regular. Maybe they would look more like the natural shape of rivers before there was channelization and civil engineering and large scale maritime trade.

Yet, I’m sure they’re not arbitrary. Nothing is. Except for the things that are. Hail Eris, to the most beautiful.