Could you hand me that glass over there please?

Let’s say you’re sitting.

What could we say about this position? What do we know about it, generally speaking? Even if you would confirm that you’re sitting, what would your „configuration” have in common with everyone else who would confirm that they are indeed sitting?

Your hands could be almost anywhere. Your right hand could be on the top of your head, and you could be sitting on your left hand, and it would still be called sitting.

Your feet and legs could be in a whole lot of positions too, especially if you’re sitting on a chair. Your right foot could be on your left knee. Like this your knees are not close enough to call that „sitting cross-legged” just yet. And your left foot, you could sit on it, and it would still be called sitting.

What official definitions (and deviations) are there for sitting, for any position, in English… in any language?

And what does „sitting” say about its possibilities? What can you do in your specific way of sitting, that someone else in her/his way of sitting cannot do. Or can do just as well?

And what does „sitting” say about the feelings it may provoke? Maybe one way of sitting makes you tired, one way makes you more alert, one way makes you strong and happy, and another way of sitting makes you feel weak.

It gets even more elaborate with movements: How would a rotation (in which direction?) of a hand be described as it (may or may not) responds to the movements of the arm, shoulder girdle, neck, chest, ribs, eyes, breathing, weight shifting over one foot, etc… ?

And how could we commoners benefit from the Terminologia Anatomica for corpses? „Supinated” is well defined, but the movement of „supination” allows for ambiguity.  „Could you hand me that glass over there please?” I would like to hear someone ask that question in precise, conclusive, anatomical terms.

So far modern Sports and Dance seem to yield the most and best words and definitions. Robotics and Cybernetics may be something to look into as well. Let’s keep those words coming.