Short videos vs long videos

Short videos. Less time to make, less time to watch. I can produce a video in less than two days and it can be watched in less than 4 minutes. The best this, the best that. How to fix the back for good, the neck in seconds. Worst exercise for this, instant relief for that. “Attention span is down below 3 minutes,” concluded my mother after she has read some main stream media’s article that praised short cooking videos on Tik Tok. Learn how to cook mussels in tomato and wine broth in less than 2 minutes.

In an attempt to bring my Youtube stats back to where they were five years ago I created a row of short videos myself, throughout the month of April. Two kinds: trailers to longer videos, and select movement combinations that can create perceivable differences. Youtube’s artificial intelligence noticed and sent me a message: “Your hard work has paid off! Publishing more videos contributed to your channel getting more views than usual.”

Youtube AI even estimated my April’s revenue to be almost double the usual 150something USD I make per month from Youtube.

I’ll have to continue to make short videos. I need to adapt to the times that are changing. This is what I teach, the ability to adapt to an ever changing environment. To thrive, whatever the initial conditions. The ability to do well, whatever hand we have been served. I need to adapt to Youtube’s algorithm in order to reach more viewers, in order to gain more patrons, in order to be able to do more, to be able to start more ambitious and resource intense projects, and develop as a teacher.

This morning I practiced to one of my longer videos, 25 minutes. Title: Tremendously helpful shoulder movements. I felt like the pauses could have been a tad bit longer. I didn’t look at the time when I clicked, but would I have clicked on a 25 minutes video? I was surprised how fast it was over though. I had to giggle at my own comments sometimes. I felt good. I felt alive and well. Three more minutes would have been nice.

I noticed stronger improvements above the 20 minutes mark, something I don’t get from 1 to 3 minutes videos of “The best this”, “The perfect that”, “A fix for whatever”. I think somatic education is like sports, or art. Dance, painting, playing an instrument, singing, crochet. Good things take time. For sure I will continue to make longer videos for myself and for my patrons. We’re worth it. Thank you for watching, and sharing.