Short videos – curse or key?

I have to revise my verdict. It takes me almost half a day to do a simple 2-3 minutes video, just for the editing, and even longer if I create one from scratch. Short videos totally disrupt my life and make me chase my tail like a cartoon dog. They clutter  up my productivity schedule on which I’m always behind to begin with.

In turn, Youtube does not seem too care to deeply about my efforts. After an initial Hooray comes a Meh, a drop in views and earnings. I sympathise with my fellow Youtubers who have been doing short videos consistently for years, and yet they only get a couple of dozens of views on their videos. I guess I may count myself lucky to get a couple of thousands of views in total on any of my newer videos.

View counts. What a curse. I’m a teacher and creative first, and then I’m not a marketeer, not a SEO specialist and not a business guy. “Hire your weakness”, they say. As if I was a business guy.

On the upside creating a 2-3 minutes video is a bit like writing a blog post: it seems to help me think, find and solve problems of thinking, teaching, naming, categorising. It’s like a spotlight that draws my attention and improves my … well I guess it must be good for at least something. Maybe short videos are a key to unlock some hidden potential? Making me a better teacher? Nah, Hm, Njiah, maybe?