Senses to Wisdom—The Art and Practice of Understanding

We understand some things when we see them. 

Like, “Pasta in tomato sauce on a plate on the table in front of me.” Clearly, it’s pasta in tomato sauce (unless proven otherwise).

We understand some things when we taste or smell them. “That’s good pasta!”

We understand some things when we hear them. Like, listening to this guy talking about cooking pasta we know from his voice that he takes it very seriously.

We understand some things when we feel them. Joy. Confidence. Satisfaction. Danger. Anticipation.

All this can happen automatically, unconsciously. But sometimes we  seek understanding actively, and then, too, we look, we listen. In such a moment we are conscious. Mindful. Open.

In this moment, what is it that we are doing? The start of it, the process of seeking understanding—did it come upon us unwittingly? And where do we end it? Who would we be without such moments? And who would we become if we would catch the essence of such moments, and hold them dear?