Getting more and more into reading from screens

I added Marvin 3 to my set of ebook readers, which so far were: Kindle Reader, Apple Books, and Apple Preview.

I do much of my reading out loud on my TV screen. I use „Screen Mirroring” from my iPhone to my TV, via my Apple TV 4K Set-Top box. In this way I can stand, or walk, or sit, or lean against my living room doorframe. I can use my arms, my whole self actually, to help me pronounce, articulate, and do all the fun things that come with reading out loud.

I haven’t used the Kindle Reader lately, because it has a lousy dictionary integration for Chinese characters. Contrariwise, Apple Books is really enjoyable, plus, more importantly, it can blow the Chinese characters up to a size of 3 big characters filling the entire screen. That’s the size I need for now.

For my reading of novels in English and German language, Marvin 3 has this especially convenient feature of auto-scrolling. Now I can read my novels without having to flick the pages on my iPhone manually. Plus it gives me a steady pace, much like a metronome does in music. It’s marvellous.