Reading aloud again

„What are we going to do with him?” the kid said. „I don’t know.” I said. „I guess I caught him,” I said. „We both did. Besides, I saw him first.” „That’s true,” I said. – from Raymond Carver, „Nobody said anything”

With the overwhelming task of daily writing, in the last six weeks (or so) my daily reading fell a bit short. Not that I totally skipped it, but maybe I only read aloud an hour or two every week. I noticed when recording my reading out loud of my Good Night Shoulder Circles.

Or maybe it is because I’ve up’d my listening practice. I now can watch Netflix in English language without subtitles. I only achieved this level of listening comprehension this year. And maybe it’s because I became better at listening that I feel that my reading is… think Arnold Schwarzenegger, but without the punch.

So besides my work on Good Night Shoulder Circles today, and besides having watched three hours of lectures and interviews on Youtube, I completed 100 minutes of reading out loud today. In fact, I’m going to read some more in a minute. I’m not even hoarse. I really do enjoy it.