Positive affirmations—a first layer

As I’m trying to get back into meditation I come to realise that holy smokes it’s not that easy. Most of the prep meditations still work fine and I feel very happy with them. Overall I already noticed quite a range of improvements, for example a slightly more positive outlook, less worrying, enhanced depth perception in all senses, increased color range, more complete capture of invariance, feeling more inspired and creative overall, being able to make more connections. Quite amazing actually, considering the little work I put in so far.

However, for the main meditation practice… I just seem to float like an old log in an abandoned meander channel somewhere on the one Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi…

A couple of strategies come to mind:

  1. Put more emphasis on the prep meditations
  2. Identify conceptual candidates from my work in Somatic Education and apply them to meditation
  3. Focus up more with the help of positive affirmations

I think I will work on all three of them, all of them seem worthwhile. And fun. Let’s see…

I deserve to have well functioning knees. I love squatting and running. I am great at squatting. I am great at running. My knees bend and extend with great joy and ease. I am gentle with my knees. I love my knees and my knees love me. I am proud of my knees, and they are proud of me.

How does that sound for a quick brainstorming into positive affirmations? Furthermore, I can see useful and (maybe) highly effective strategies in Bert Hellinger’s Family Constellations, some of his Basic Orders of Life seem like great candidates to adapt and re-purpose for movement based affirmations.

Oh, now it’s about movement and the body again, not so much about meditation, huh?

All is well in my world.