Our choice of Thinking Hats and Action Shoes

“They began with a broth of crab and monkfish, and cold egg lime soup as well. Then came quails in honey, a saddle of lamb, goose livers drowned in wine, buttered parsnips, and suckling pig. The sight of it all made Tyrion feel queasy, but he forced himself to try a spoon of soup for the sake of politeness, and once he had tasted it he was lost. The cooks might be old and fat, but they knew their business. He had never eaten so well, even at court.” – George R.R. Martin, A Song Of Fire And Ice

When looking at mouthwatering, delicious dishes (in my preference plant-based) there’s various ways to look at it. For example, from the perspective of

  • a cook, who would like to produce the best version of such a dish,
  • a nutritionist, who would like to investigate the chemical profile,
  • a hungry person, who would simply like to eat something delicious.

Right? How do they put this… Edward de Bono became famous for his Six Thinking Hats and Six Action Shoes, something like that.

The same could be said about movement sequences. The choice of movements, stretches, pushes, twists, lifts, reaches, squeezes, contractions, differentiations, etc, and why they are chosen, and how they are put together, and in which sequence they are put together, could be looked at from different perspectives, or with different Thinking Clothes donned:

  • the engineer, who is interested in the biomechanics,
  • the patient, who is interested in healing and the absence of pain,
  • the talent, who wants to improve performance,
  • the psychologist, who is interested in human emotions, behaviour and statistics,
  • the philosopher, who is in search for ethics, logic, meaning and lengthy disputes,
  • the business person, who wants to know if this can be trademarked and monetised,
  • the teacher, who is interested in how it is taught…

Innit? Do we always wear the same hat? Or do we have a large wardrobe to chose from? What thinking gear do we wear for which occasion? From which perspective are you looking, what would you add to this list?