Oh human knee, so strong and true

“Write me a poem about the human knee, hips and lower back and how happy we humans are when they work well,” prompted I.

ChatGPT responded, within 2 seconds:

“Oh human knee, so strong and true,
A hinge that moves us, smooth and through.
Hips that pivot, back that supports,
Together they make movement sorts.

Lower back, a spine’s foundation,
Helping us with each sensation.
When all in sync, they work so well,
We dance and jump, they ring the bell.

But when they ache, and pain ensues,
We’re reminded of their constant use.
Let us be grateful for each day,
When our joints are free from disarray.

So here’s to you, knee, hips, and back,
May your function never lack.
For when you’re well, we’re truly blessed,
And happiness is at its best.”

Not half bad, me thinks. Quite good actually. Better than most of my own poems, I guess. “Make the above poem shorter,” commanded I. And ChatGPT rephrased swiftly:

“Our knees, hips, and lower back
Move us smoothly on our track.
When they work well, joy is ours,
But aches remind of daily chores.
Let’s be grateful for each day,
When joints are pain-free and we can play.”

Well. I do enjoy writing my own blog posts. They help me think, improve and locate myself in this world. But it feels really nice to get a little bit of help. Thank you all the hundreds of millions and billions of people who helped build this computer, from the ones who invented the shovel and first found copper in a mountain all the way up to the ones who put the finishing touches to ChatGPT (Jan 9 2023 Version).

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