New Arms in Circles (a prequel)

omg omg omg … I was just rolling about and had the most amazing moment ever … omg omg omg

So- my next online workshop in China was re-scheduled to happen 3 weeks earlier than planned and will be held this Saturday. And so I was thinking, hm, what to do with my folks in China this time… I advertised the workshop as “Release tension in the neck and upper chest”, silly me. But easy. Of course I will teach ideas from my neck series, “Tight Neck? Here’s Help!”

However, my previous workshop in China, advertised as “Release tension around the hip joint”, I didn’t start with my Hip Joints Series 2, but I started with rolling the legs, bending the legs, and then diving deep into combinations, a quite wonderful experience. So I was thinking, this time I should start with rolling the arms.

And so I played with some ideas this morning, while still in bed, in lying supine. I set up a rule: keep the elbow in place, only the lower arm and hand can go round and round. That was interesting for a while. And then later in front of a mirror I tried the same thing in standing, quite the challenge actually, which quickly evolved into a sequence of silly dancing.

But then, just now, this evening, I got down on the floor, onto my back, and I was like, “Ok- but this time for real, what am I gonna do?” So I did the elbow and hand thing again, but in combination with the rolling of my head. Ok, the “New TMJ Exercises” lesson first. Then the circles with the lower arms. But in which direction should the head roll? In the same direction or opposite direction of the circles with the lower arm? Ok, then in side-lying. In this position the elbow need to move. Arm circles. Yes, this answered the previous question about the rolling of the head. The answer came through movement, the lesson works.

And then on the front-side, on the belly. Huh. Hm, goes to show how much forwards oriented in space arm movements are. A dead end? I took a rest, maybe a 10-minutes nap. Then I turned my head and tried circles with the other arm. Oh yes. There’s a way. And how about…

HOLY MOLY! I was as surprised as a toddler who gotta himself to stand on both feet the first time, just when nobody was watching. Or who come from lying supine to sitting, through a roll. Big surprise! Big revelation! Ok, this will be my next Youtube video. And I almost have the complete workshop lined up, as well:

  • New TMJ Exercises
  • Writing exercise: note down the lesson, share and compare notes
  • New Arms in Circles – the prequel to my “Tight Neck? Here’s Help!” series
  • Some choice bits from my “Tight Neck? Here’s Help!” series
  • Q&A

But I also was thinking: so bad. My “Tight Neck? Here’s Help!” series should be famous, like “Lord of the Rings”–level famous. And then my new prequel, the one I invented just now, would be the much anticipated prequel. Big deal. But it’s not. For most people my “Tight Neck? Here’s Help!” series is like… like when a monkey in a jungle trips over a statue made of solid gold, and diamonds, and sapphires. An annoyance at best, something hardly looked at and quickly forgotten. I imagine that’s what it’s like when my series’s thumbnail shows up in the Youtube feed of most people. They merely click on /Not interested/, if they bother to click at all. Well, I can’t help that.

There is some disappointment in my soul, but then I think of Youtube as a free video hosting platform, and a place where my videos are easily discoverable, and I think of my patrons on Patreon as my true audience, the people who appreciate and support my video creations; and all my students who can’t afford to be patrons, but watch and like and comment and share my videos, and try out the movements.

Holy bananas! What a lesson! I’m super excited! I will teach it tomorrow to my experimental online group from Austria and Germany, in German language. And then again on Saturday in the online workshop in China, and then I guess I’ll be ready to make the video on Sunday or Monday. Looking forward to present it to you!