Beauty resides in simplicity: the lookbook for aspiring Feldenkrais masters

Think better. Move better. Feel better. Sense better. This book will guide you into the fascinating world of somatic education and how to do Feldenkrais lessons. Don't skim this book - give your complete attention to each chapter.

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What do people say about My Feldenkrais Book?

 „I've been using your wonderful book as a primary marketing tool for the Feldenkrais Method in my trade area -- it works well for people who have never heard of Feldenkrais because your explanations and 'study points' really focus on the important aspects that people need to know. The book really helps people grasp how and why the FM is different from other modalities, how intelligent, effective and unique it is. And the book works equally well for people who know and have experienced the Feldenkrais Method before.

People really like the book. I resell it to my local students and to people who live far away from me, whom I see periodically for Functional Integration. They use it as their 'at-home' private Awareness Through Movement classes because they aren't able to attend my classes regularly.

Everyone tells me that they find the book fun, interesting and easy to read and use. They love the pictures and the dialog bubbles. And the book makes it so easy for people to show to their friends and relatives, to explain what it is that they are doing, rather than having to describe, explain or illustrate what the Feldenkrais Method is. They can just hand them the book and say 'Here. This is what i am doing!'

The other thing that i really like about your book is that it appeals to all types of people, all age groups and backgrounds. Even though the pictures show young, healthy looking people doing lessons, my older students and people with physical limitations like it as much as the younger ones. The book is contemporary, user-friendly, has a high quality feel and look; and although it is small, it is packed with info. Your book has made a huge difference in my ability to promote and support Feldenkrais in my trade area (or anywhere for that matter), and I am so really glad to have found it as a resource. I hope you will not let it go out of print!” – Carole Bucher, BA, GCFP/T

Have a look inside the book

„Excellent book on the Feldenkrais method, which gives students a very creative perspective.” – Gail T.

„It's one of the best things I've seen in ages. For everyone who has ever said to me: »When my friends ask me what we do in class, and I just can't describe it« this book says it all, plus gives you lessons to play with at home. And I love the Kindle edition which let's you zoom in on the pics!” – Lavinia Plonka, Author and Guild Certified Feldenkrais Teacher

Unmöglich, möglich, leicht
German language edition

Acht Übungen in mehr als sechzig Fotografien und ausführlichen Beschreibungen.

Spenta la luce si vedono le stelle
Italian language edition

8 sequenze illustrate passo per passo in più di 60 fotografie con descrizioni dettagliate.


„Alfons has created many educational pathways to understanding the Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education, through his book, his communication skills and opening a very accessible and successful practice. Although I have never experienced his hands, I look forward to someday; and would not hesitate to refer anyone to him for his expertise and knowledge in educating the whole person, and finding a pathway out of pain and towards a satisfying life.” – Deborah Lotus, Somatic Educator at One/Body/Mind

„Novel pictorial approach and cool design. Complex information is presented in a clear, simple format that is enjoyable to read. It is aimed at people who are new to the Feldenkrais Method, but I think its refreshing simplicity and clarity also make it a valuable tool for those experienced in the Method. The first part of the book explores some of the concepts or "study points' underpinning the Feldenkrais Method, and the second part contains several "photo stories" - presented in a cartoon style, which illustrate some movement explorations. These photo stories are probably the highlight of the book, and I've noticed that when I've shown people the book, it is this section which they are drawn to and become absorbed in.” – Karol

„This is a book to read, study, and go back to again and again. Hope he writes more!” – Marcia H. Schoppik

„Easy and immediate” – Shira S.

„This is a very readable guide to the Feldenkrais Method, with clear explanations, directions, and movement exploration sequences. It answers many questions that people have about what to expect in a Feldenkrais class and provides opportunities to experience the benefits of the work in the privacy of their homes if they're not yet able to locate a classnear them and to re-enforce the learning from their group lessons if they are Feldenkrais students taking public classes. Plus, the photo sequences are a big help in clarifying the instructions for movement explorations for those whose primary learning modality isn't the written word.” – Sanfeld

„I have the kindle edition of My Feldenkrais Book on my cell phone, and helps me to tell people our story at parties” – Tyler Bishton, MD, Feldenkrais Practitioner

„Very clear, concrete, useful manual. Should be put out as a little red book, like Mao's - except about the freedoms the Feldenkrais Method gives us.” – Renee Dunham - Feldenkrais Practitioner

„Just wanted to say congratulations on the book - looked through it and it looks great !! - Well done!” – Richard Brown, Owner of an upscale Pilates Studio

„This book is very beautiful and the words are brilliant. I can read and understand it, and it lifts my feeling of self-esteem. What I like about the pictures is that they are so gentle, so sensitive, so calmly quiet, so personal, as if they were made just for me.” – Helene Scheck, Montessori Teacher

„This is a very good book. Very well written and researched. I use the Feldenkrais Method and have found it to be wonderful and very helpful.” – Eric Lang

„Being new to Feldenkrais I appreciated this book for its easy-going clarity. Feldenkrais being, as I understand it, a rather complex methodology, the author has still managed to break it down and present it in a tempting way. All information is useful and to the point, nothing feels long and condensed.

This method is unlike any other I have ever tried, and it's been good to gain insight into its philosophy without getting bogged down by pages and pages of dry facts. For someone used to goal oriented physical training, Feldenkrais presents a whole new way of thinking. To try and see the body as one entity instead of various loose limbs, and to experience it all moving as a unit, is a challenge that demands a powerful base to draw from. The reminders to note what is and to simply allow it, makes a wonderful tool for increased awareness. Generous picture sequences help to clarify further. This book is interesting, insightful and inspiring. If you're thinking of getting into Feldenkrais, this book is definitely worth the money.” – T.L. Mikael

„I LOVE this book! It's the best book about enlightenment I've ever read! Everyone thinks the world is so technical and complicated, and it's just so simple! Be yourself!” – Heidi, Actress and Freelance Designer

„Mommy, this is a very good book” – A student's 5 year old daughter


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