(Some) movements of the shoulder (blades)

The shoulders and the spine are allies. Partners in crime. Masters of disasters. When the shoulder blades can move, the spine can, too. I guess. And if they can’t, it can’t. I suppose.

How to explore some of the movements of the shoulder blades, and in turn of course, improve those movements, reach a better understanding, awareness, and well-feeling for the whole self? Show pictures from an anatomy book? Say, “it should be like this, it should be like that?”

My next lesson will have two distinct movements to explore:

  1. lift the elbow with the hand relaxed, the hand hanging from the relaxed wrist, the index finger is leaving the floor last
  2. lift the arm with the elbow straight, with a fist, the base of the thumb towards the ceiling

Both movements lift the arm, but the way the arm is lifted results in very different actions for the shoulder blade. “One hand loves the other.” – Björk, lyrics from the song Unison, from the album Vespertine. One movement loves the other.