Movements in the wild

„Few people now talk about the relationship between thoughts feelings and behaviour as a linear process. In CBT the therapist sees thoughts, feelings and behaviours as reflecting a coherent system.” – Laroxe, forum comment at

Once a month (or so) I surf Youtube to see what others are doing, what channels became popular, and what I can learn from them. This is how I stumbled upon Mark Tyrell’s channel „Uncommon Practitioners”. As a next step I found the above comment under one of his articles.

Two thoughts came up. One statement, and one question:

  • Blog posts are different from articles (much to my relief)
  • What is behaviour in the context of movement?

At a first think-about-it „behaviour” appears to me like „movements in the wild”. Best observed by anthropologists and behavioural psychologists. And therapists trying to catch, study, alter or eradicate specifically undesirable specimens of behaviour, and enforce and grow the good ones.

Funny way to look at it, I know. Removes the actual person, the one who is behaving, from the picture.

To put that last thought into Abraham Fuk’s words: „This shift of attention is exacerbated by contemporary imaging methodologies, and patients, who in Foucault’s clinic became open to the medical gaze, are rendered totally transparent, perhaps virtual. Diagnostics becomes centred on the putative agent and therapeutics revolves around extirpation and conquest. Arguably, the most important effect of this framing of medicine is the eradication of the patient’s voice from the narrative.” – quote from Military Metaphors of Modern Medicine.

Somewhat contrariwise, the movement sequences and movement qualities I teach, as inspired by Moshé Feldenkrais, are very human-focused. We play with movement, its properties, connections, implications… we seed new knowledge and qualities… before releasing ourselves into the wild again.

May my eclectic thinking linger in your mind (or heart) for a little while, and allow me to imagine that they find fertile soil. Sprouting into something beautiful, rich, own-able, loveable. While you fly off into the wild.