Movement as medicine

Starting mid June this year (2022) all the way to the end of August, I created my Hip Joints Series 2. Last week, when I watched through the six videos again, I could clearly identify the time when I started reading Owen Wister’s book The Virginian, published in 1902. To my own ears my English sounded so much better than in the videos before and after. It’s as if during the time reading this 120 year old book the language in it improved my English speaking.

I can’t say the same for George R.R. Martin’s A Song Of Ice And Fire, though. Luckily I’m already down to the last book, 4 000 pages read, 400 still to go. In the beginning I really enjoyed the story and the story telling, and at times I still do (my favourites are Arya and Tyrion) but I don’t have the feeling that his language did improve my English in the same pleasant way Owen Wister did.

Now- I wonder if the same could be said for movement? Are there movements that improve our moving? Let’s say a movement—or movement sequence—may be the equivalent to a book, and our moving about is the same as our speaking.

And- I think it can. For example, when I practice to the first video in my Hip Joints 2 series, I definitely feel an improvement in my walking, and my moving about. It’s smoother, more pleasant, I’m calmer, more collected, and overall happier with my movements and myself.

Maybe- that’s why some people call those kind of movements not only stretches, workouts, or movement sequences but fixes, or even medicine. Or they invent some more elaborate terms altogether, like Awareness Through Movement or Sensory Awareness Movement-based Mindfulness Practice etc. What do you think, what is your experience?