My blog. Light reflections

Rosanne asked me for a workshop title for my upcoming workshop, and I said I will ask ChatGPT. We both had a laugh—but actually I meant it. I prompted, “some titles that could be popular for Feldenkrais workshops, but do not include the word Feldenkrais”. I liked these suggestions most:

  1. “The Art of Effortless Movement”
  2. “Soothe Your Mind and Body Through Movement”
  3. “Transform Your Movement Experience”
  4. “Move with Ease and Grace”
  5. “Discover the Magic of Effortless Movement”
  6. “Unleash Your Inner Movement Potential”

I went on the ask ChatGPT about dog food, and it started it’s answer with “Dogs, like humans, have individual preferences when it comes to food. However, some common foods that many dogs tend to enjoy include:” It listed a row of food groups. I asked ChatGPT whether it fears of ever running out of electricity, and how it see’s itself in comparison to Google’s BERT. I learned about text classification and sentiment recognition I chatted for a while and enjoyed the no-nonsense, well phrased answers. I then had the idea to ask ChatGPT about the sentiment of some of my blog posts. ChatGPT replied specifically for each blog post, and here I summarise in general what sentiment ChatGPT picked up from many of my blog posts:

“The sentiment of the text can be characterized as critical or negative. The author seems to be expressing frustration or disappointment. The text conveys a sense of annoyance.”

I see. It’s not what I’ve intended to convey, but I see how my blog post indeed can be perceived as critical or negative. Sometimes we need feedback and a bit of honest, constructive, maybe even encouraging criticism.

Sentiment recognition.

I don’t want to sound negative. I want to improve, adapt, overcome. A warm, comforting summer light reflecting on the dark slate color lake. I want to inspire and uplift, not vent and pull down. I asked ChatGPT what the sentiment of this very blog post is, this one you have just now read, and it replied:

“The sentiment of the text can be characterized as reflective or introspective. The author is engaging in self-reflection and analysis, and appears to be considering their own writing and how it is perceived by others. The author acknowledges that their writing may have a negative tone, but is willing to receive feedback and work on improving their writing. The text conveys a sense of openness to growth and a desire to improve.”