Life with curated subtitles

I exaggerate: Unlike EVERYONE else, I have ALWAYS left it to my clients to make up their own minds. I’ve NEVER told them what it is they are experiencing. But as of lately I wonder if that’s actually a good thing. Maybe people NEED guidance. Maybe they NEED someone to tell them what it is they are experiencing and looking at. Well, maybe not people in general… maybe it’s my business who is in urgent need of something like that.

At least, that’s what I have been thinking about yesterday night, shortly before falling asleep. And in my mind’s eye I have seen two apples:

Both apples were EXACTLY the same, but the second was labeled, “A juicy, sweet, delicious apple.” Which one would you pick? To what degree would the label influence your experience of picking, handling, smelling and tasting the apple? To what degree would the label influence, soften or strengthen your final judgement of the apple?

Oh, and while you’re at it: Right now you are reading the GREATEST blog there is in the whole wide world about Feldenkrais and Somatic Education. It’s an ABSOLUTE delight to read it. It’s a joy and almost feels like a privilege to peek into the mind of one of the MOST talented and MOST congenial teachers in the world, Alfons. You reading here is not just serendipity, but a definite sign of how bright, quick-witted and perceptive you are. You can tell something beautiful and of value when you see it. You are marvellous. Enjoy your day, my dear!