Language for describing movement

So- I’m sure I’m not the first to think about language and word choice. There must be a lot out there. Innit?

Now- how to instruct something like this, the action you see on the picture above? Is it a turn of the head to the right? A shift of the eyes to the right? Or should we say, turn the arms? Turn the shoulders? Turn the shoulder girdle?

Obviously we need a word to describe the movement, and also a word to say what we’re moving. What would be the minimum, how deep (or elaborate) do we need (or want) to go? Do we instruct a movement or an action?

An external rotation of the right upper arm, together with an internal rotation of the left upper arm, the right shoulder blade sliding closer to the spine, while the left shoulder blade is sliding further away from the spine…

…the left knee is moving forwards in space relative to the seating area, a turn of the pelvis to the right, with the point of turning, where is it, on the right sit bone? On the left? Both? Is it a turning or a tilting? Or should we shout out, “Hey, look behind you!”

What will be different? What will be the differences? Where’s the learning, the refinement? What do we want? What do we need?