Journeys over the body

As I awoke this morning I found myself lying on my belly with my feet hanging over the edge of my bed. Obviously I don’t have a pet cat. I wiggled my toes, then the ankles of my feet. “Mm hm.” My head was turned to the left, easy for me. “I haven’t put my hands on my back in quite a while,” me was thinking. And I was surprised by the lack of range of motion when I did. My right hand could slide a bit to the left and to the right over the small of my back, but couldn’t slide up between my shoulder blades, let alone touch its fingers to my neck.

“We haven’t been on a beach vacation in a long time!” Would that expression be equivalent to that of the hands on the back traveling up to the neck? Can our hands take journeys over our bodies just like our bodies take journeys over the physical world, The planet Earth, that sprouted our bodies?

And what if, let’s say, if there’s a road block? What-if there’s no roads at all? How would we get anywhere? Put a jungle machete to the undergrowth? Force the convoy over the mountain? How will I make my hands travel up to in-between my shoulder-blades on my back? Would a long and far journey of the hands to regions less developed for tourism take a longer, more thorough preparation and longer traveling time as well?