Improving Posture and Upright Standing

I’ve just spent 1.5 hours to write an introductory text to my latest video. I’ll show the text on a card for 2 seconds at the very beginning of the video. Here’s the text:

This movement class is based on the idea that learning back extension in early childhood development is a prerequisite for humans to get into upright standing.
However, over the years of adult life, in a world of compulsory schooling and office jobs that require sitting and slouching over tables for 12+ hours a day, our learning efforts and settled patterns from early childhood might get partially lost, muddied or disturbed—and thus might cause all sorts of troubles concerning posture, breathing, joint health, lower back mechanics, etc.

Furthermore these important early childhood patterns might not be improved by overly simplistic strength training and stretching interventions.

Instead, an elaborate internal review in movement, in a movement sequence with steps that logically built on top of each other, that include your sensing, thinking and well-being, might indeed improve your ability to consciously produce upright standing that is in alignment with our human bio-mechanical, neurological and social built.

Not just as a bonus, but as a prerequisite for learning, I designed this class to feel good, safe and mmm wonderful. I hope to inspire you to study yourself by yourself more, in movement, with joy and curiosity, like you did when you were 0-2 years old. This is my idea for this class. I wish you all the best, and kindly ask to consider supporting my work for the greater good, by becoming my patron, Alfons.

Now I’ve also spent another hour to format the text on a card, and I wonder whether or not I should format some words to be bold—so that the words can jump out to the viewer. My guess is that the text will not be read in its entirety, but maybe a few bold words could set a mood. But which words are the most important? In lack of a life partner or friend I could bother with this question I went on to trouble ChatGPT:

Upright: This word is important because the text discusses the importance of upright standing and how it is a prerequisite for humans.

Childhood: This word is important because the text talks about how learning back extension in early childhood development is essential for humans to achieve upright standing.

Posture: This word is important because the text explains how the lack of early childhood development patterns can cause troubles concerning posture and how an elaborate movement sequence might improve upright standing in alignment with human bio-mechanical and neurological built.

Movement: This word is important because the entire text revolves around the idea of an elaborate internal review in movement and how it can help improve upright standing.

Curiosity: This word is important because the text encourages readers to study themselves more in movement with joy and curiosity, like they did when they were 0-2 years old.

Not the worst choice, I guess. Can the advise of a computer be almost as good as asking a human friend? I was born in a time without Internet, without color TV, with a phone line that had to be shared with 3 neighbours. And now there’s an electronic entity I can talk to and ask for advise. I’ll just go with that, too, I guess.