Impossible–but only from one perspective

I’ve been playing with these movements for two weeks now, and it still seems rather impossible to touch my knees to the floor. If it wasn’t for other people, I wouldn’t even think it possible.

Nowadays it seems like no big deal to take pictures of yourself. But when I started out doing Feldenkrais back in 2004, it was considered almost borderline insanity to film yourself studying; certainly a lapse of etiquette being caught doing so. It gives me relief though. When I look at myself from the inside-out, sometimes the situation looks dark, stuck, insurmountable. But from an outside perspective, suddenly, what seemed to be a problem, seems like no big deal at all.

The knees don’t go down to the floor, so what? The play with movements, the explorations, the sense of self, the awareness of gravity and leaning points, the discoveries, aren’t those the important things, the sparks of joy?