I’m two posts behind

life insight as well as professional insight happen in episodes, to me at least. two days ago I was walking at the beach, pondering on the work of Moshe Feldenkrais, but had no time to write down my insight. merely jotted down a draft. had no time to flesh it out today.

now I just had a conversation, and found insight(s) that build on the last post, the one that did not happen. i’m one post behind, life goes on, life happens. all is well, but I need to write it down.

well at least, here’s the draft, for later.

what is Feldenkrais

for example bikram yoga has one movement sequence
progressive relaxation jacobbsen
triebtheorie freud
thomas hanna somatics more accessible because of pandiculation or red/green light syndrome

most famous people are famous for one (or a small few) methods or inventions

moshe feldenkrais each week made a new invention, one that could be turned into a distinctive iconic method, or big business even

small wonder people are so confused at what they’re looking at.

the last stage as described in Moshe Feldenkrais’s atm book, chapter strata of development

we need to look at each lesson one by one, maybe even choose just one as our professional path, instead of trying to behold all his lessons and trying to see what they all have in common

wasn’t there a story? a story about a guy who tried to catch all the bisons/sheep/rabbits on a field and finally he did not catch one, not even one? had he focused on just a specific one he would have caught that one, so the story goes

oh no, this last sentence, the core of this post, it’s based on a previous insight that I haven’t written down either … a thought a novel way to categorise the lessons of Moshe Feldenkrais, or so I think.

and I missed one more post, which I at least made a draft of. actually i’m three posts behind.

now back to Tyrion Lannister, Hand of the King.