I did 30 days of daily blogging

I don’t know which clown of a teacher said that flashcards need to have pictures on them. Multimodal learning and hacking the brain and all that nonsense. Maybe it was not even a teacher who said that, but a marketeer who was trying to get more views. No bad intentions, he probably was just trying to make more money. And who doesn’t love more money?


On the same note a lot has been told sold about “daily blogging benefits”. In consequence this produced 14+ million blog posts titled something like „Five reasons I recommend daily blogging”, „10 benefits of daily blogging”, „The Hidden Benefits to Writing Daily and Blogging”, „Unexpected Benefits of Blogging Daily”, „The 20 Biggest Benefits of Blogging”, „7 Reasons Daily Blogging Is Worth Doing”, and so forth… you get the idea.

I just don’t see it.

I sometimes look at old video recordings of Moshé Feldenkrais. In between movement instructions he sometimes just sat there and was forming thoughts and sentences. „Denken-Sprechen”, we say in German language… speaking new thoughts and fragments of thoughts out loud without filter. In this way we can peek into his mind, and watch his process of thinking. While entertaining, thought provoking, and maybe even inspiring, I have the feeling many people came mostly for his actual lessons, his movement sequences. Not for his rambling, not for his stumbling over words, not for his raw thinking.

I feel the same with blogging. While it is a daily statement (and selection) of the things I’m currently looking at and pondering, it just doesn’t give me the same satisfaction (and benefits) of actual teaching. And of actually producing, finishing, and shipping products. Finishing a blog post gives me a mini-high, a mini-satisfaction, but the feeling doesn’t come close to my „real” work.

Maybe I will continue with blogging for a while. See, observe, feel, how my experience develops, my judgement forms, my opinions change over time.