How widespread is consciousness?

I read somewhere that the book From The Conscious Mind by David J. Chalmers is the book to read when asking about consciousness. Downloaded. Flipped through the pages.

I don’t know- what is it with me and large collections of words? I’m ok with reading a single sentence. I don’t even need a pretty girl or garden in the background, Instagram-style. I can read a sentence just fine. I can even read a page, a chapter, a book!—if it doesn’t ask too much of me, in terms of forbearance. May I just enjoy the sensual experience of reading, please?

So I flipped through the pages of David J. Chalmers’s book about consciousness. Through my lens I ask, anything about movement? Anything about movement learning? Anything Mr. Chalmers? “But at the very least it is still puzzling that consciousness should be irrelevant to the sounds we make when talking about consciousness, to the finger movements I am making now, and so on;” Writes he, who is a leading expert in the field of consciousness, innate in the world of big media, academia and money. Why are they making consciousness irrelevant to our actual existing in the physical world? At least he sounds like as if he’s enjoying his finger movements.

“How widespread is consciousness?” asks he, and slowly I—too—start to have the same question.