How to write down movement sequences?

Over the past two decades I’ve experimented with multiple ways of writing down movement sequences. My journey started with the popular stick-figures-with-arrows format, commenced to screenshots with annotations, to multi-column spreadsheet variants, to verbose transcript-like documents, to my wonderfully concise and visually appealing study cards. 

My two books „My Feldenkrais Book” and the „Getting Better Day By Day” workbook are both part and product of that journey.

What is my question? 

I think I need a couple more blog posts to find out what my question is. Finding the right question is just as important as finding the right answer. Sometimes a question is „on the tip of my tongue”, and won’t just roll off yet.

„What will you teach tonight?”
„Shoulder circles.”

Some movement sequences have been taught by so many teachers, so many times, and in so many ways, that they have a title people can immediately make sense of. Which people? All people? Is the lesson titled „Shoulder circles” really unambiguous?

„What will you eat tonight?”

Fair enough.