How to put the two feet standing in lying supine

Idea for a short video: two pure forms, I want to show you the pure, raw elements so you can identify the alloys. Usually you’ll see (or do) a mix of both.

Starting position: lying supine on the back, with arms and legs extended.

1. FLEXION BASED: as if someone would punch you in the guts

belly muscles contract
head lifts, shoulders lift, arms contract
fists forms, jaw tightens
both knees fly up
both feet lift off the floor
head and knees jump closer together
all that happens in an instant
then your relax again, lower your head, and lower your feet to standing

aka flexion reflex, body posture of fear, red light reflex

Not a bad strategy to be honest, a good core workout even, fast and furious.

2. RELAXATION BASED: as if there were no core muscles

one leg turns, outwards
its hip and knee bend
the knee slides to the outside, stays close to the floor
the foot slides towards the sit-bone
the pelvis tilts towards the bending knee
the whole spine and the chest bend and turn and twist and follow the gentle pull of the leg
maybe there’s a pull on the opposite side’s shoulder
maybe even the head turns
where can I let go all that don’t serve me right now?
where is still some tension I don’t need?
when do I hold my breath for no good reason?
the knee is moving in a long arch until the foot is standing
then the other foot

Not a bad strategy to be honest, a wonderful and very peculiar, soothing feeling that might last for a bit and holds immense treasures for all those courageous enough to try.