Happy New Year 2024 – A little goes a long way

I can’t think of a word that would ultimately describe the movement quality that Moshé Feldenkrais proposed almost 80 years ago… I mean the way to move, think, feel, sense, to hold our inner selves, in this type of lessons. The manner of which we continue to benefit so much from. What is the word?

Smoothness, maybe? Grace? Tranquil elegance? Mindful gentleness?

What makes our lessons so marvellous is not just the clever exercises themselves, the applied bio-mechanical knowledge and pedagogical principles; the secret sauce is not just the sequencing, and pacing, the pauses; but, above all towers the movement quality.

To lie down on purpose,
or before getting up anyways,
to move a finger like that,
a slight bending,
the head might roll,
a deep breath,
another finger,
then the wrist, all fingers, the hand,
in unison and harmony.
The elbow lifts,
or slides,
or rolls as well.
Then a rest.

During a lesson it might seem like nothing, almost like nothing, but then, surprise, this extraordinary movement quality caries over into the day, in a sense of wellbeing, smoothness, inner serenity, happiness.

Let’s cherish this more, have more of this, this year.
Happy New Year 2024 everyone! 🎉🍀⭐️❤️🐦