Growing my working title

„Working titles are used when the official title has not yet been decided upon.” – Wikipedia

I’ve transcribed a few minutes from an audio recording by Moshé Feldenkrais, for writing a commentary. A mental as well as a writing exercise. A strategy to solidify the thoughts of my supersaturated soul. A pathway to equilibrium.

The commentaries crystallized effectively. Sentence by sentence. Minute details. Each word is a sponge that soaks up time. Three days in, no end in sight.

My first idea for a working title was „An autopsy of Shoulder Circles.” The wording. An emotional derailing, a critique to the fact that most of Moshé Feldenkrais’s live works (audio, video, and transcriptions thereof) are „buried” on private grounds (unfunny pun here); only purchasable under certain conditions, with usage restrictions, and for these reasons „dead” to the general public. Excluded from popular culture. Cut off from the blood stream. His books and recordings like driftwood: although impasse, some people can see something in it, find inspiration, some even build furniture from it.

„An autopsy”, this title never saw the light of day. Of course. I never called it like that.