Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens: your workbook for the love and understanding of movement

This one-of-a-kind workbook guides you through 9 amazing movement sequences. Every lesson is built on top of the other. With one lesson per day this results in a sophisticated, life changing 9 day program – a journey of learning and exploration.

“I was amazed, standing up and walking around after the exercise to what an extent my whole posture had changed, how tall and upright I was standing, walking. An amazing experience! Thanks a lot Alfons for putting your whole heart and soul into doing and teaching.”
– from Theo Herren* one of 44,000 subscribers of my Youtube Channel

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Lessons overview:

Day 1: Lifting your head in supine position
Day 2: Your eyes and your pelvis help lifting your head
Day 3: Elbows towards knees
Day 4: Getting to know your shoulder girdle and its connections to the whole body
Day 5: Floating and lengthening, starting with your dominant hand
Day 6: Lifting your legs in prone position
Day 7: Lifting your head in prone position
Day 8: Rolling over easily, using everything you've got
Day 9: Flexion & extension in 16 different positions

The workbook contains 252 pictures plus descriptions and bold titles for easy navigation.


The very easy to read structure of this workbook helps you to get a quick overview over the lessons.


The photos and quick to grasp headlines give you a better understanding of the connections between lessons, and the bigger story.


The visual insight into the variations and positions makes it easier to identify the strategies used.

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I originally created the „Getting Better Day By Day” lessons as a beginners video course for my YouTube channel with over 12,000 subscribers.

In this workbook I try to use the same light, colloquial, humorous, yet sincere and authentic spirit I show in my videos. It is a thoroughly designed workbook and rides on the back of my professional education and my 10+ years teaching experience of the FELDENKRAIS® method with clients in person.

The very easy to read structure of this book helps you to get a quick overview over the lessons, a better understanding of the connections between lessons, and makes it easier to identify the strategies used in the lessons. Plus you'll have something to show to your people when you're trying to explain what you're doing.

You can use this workbook to deepen your own practice and understanding, or use it as teaching tool to get others to roll on the floor and to learn more about themselves.

© 2017 Alfons Grabher, All rights reserved. * Testimonial from a publicly visible comment in the public comment section of my YouTube video „A CHEST OPENER WITHOUT STRETCHING (EYE MOVEMENTS)”,, (December 3, 2017).