Do your studies inform and shape your perception?

Breakfast at Lang Tre Mui Ne beach resort. My mother talking recent News about an organic vegetable farmer of the West of Austria, telling me about his background of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences… my gaze slowly wandering over the breakfast area and gently coming to rest on the waves that keep sweeping ashore in the distance. Wush, wush, in they roll, below a glistening sun onto sandy beaches. The little spot that my eyes rest on grows bigger and bigger until it fills my entire field of vision and my entire consciousness.

My mind’s eye: two hours of fiddling with Pixelmator Pro. A picture is worth a thousand words—quite literally so.

Natural Resources, Applied Life Sciences and water management. I was gazing at the waves and came to the thought that people who have studied physics (or learned Kite surfing, in this regard) might view the waves with different eyes than people who have never inquired into their nature and mechanics that deeply.

“You always discover the same things over and over again,” my good friend David once told me. People who learned to play an instrument might be able to listen to music differently than people who didn’t. People who studied movement learning the way I did might look at people and movement (and learning) quite differently than people who didn’t. Our studies, our interests and focus, and henceforth our experience (and knowing) might deeply shape and inform our perception. Nothing new here, I guess. But yet, but yet.

Today’s note to self: “Choose your studies boldly yet cautiously—they might shape how you view the world, they might even shape your entire’s life experience.”