Do cats eat bats? Do bats eat cats?

I was just flipping through Thomas Hanna’s book, Bodies in Revolt, and couldn’t figure out what the title is playing on. I was thinking there might have been a popular book called Minds in Revolt, the mindset of the human race in the 1960ties and 70ties viewed from a philosophical angle, but I couldn’t find such a title.

Freud, Reich, Lorenz, Piaget, Nietzsche, Feldenkrais… as I was turning the pages of Thomas Hanna’s book I started to wonder, again, Why bother? Why bother in this world we’re living? Why bother with anything of any depth, when everybody else is hooked on scrolling Insta and Tik Tok? Why do people look for exercise programs when what they really are looking for is being heard, acknowledged, integrated in a community, loved? And maybe the one thing that would sooth their pain is the one thing they refuse to even look at?

Well for me it’s more difficult. I can’t seem to find deliverance and absolution in barbells and steamed chicken breasts. I slid down a rabbit hole of sorts and I can’t help but wonder how deep it goes. Might be this rabbit hole doesn’t end in a heap of sticks and dry leaves and another long passage, though. Might be it’s just a hole in the ground. A hole filled with trash, like most everything in nature that was once pure and pristine and stunningly beautiful.