Clear Communication of Complex Concepts

So—I’m trying to put some words in line for a Youtube Shorts video:

“When you bring your legs together, so that they eventually touch at the knees and heels and big toes, your adductor muscles are shortening as they generate force to move your legs inward. This is called a concentric contraction.”

Youtube Shorts. The less words the better. I will show myself resting in a supine position, on my back, with my legs extended and spread. Since I’m visible in this position, I will not mention the starting position.

Still, my paragraph sounds like a bit too much to swallow, considering that there are 4 more such paragraphs. I try to cut it down:

“When you move your legs toward each other until they eventually touch, this muscular action is called a concentric contraction.”

I used my own brain and expertise for what I want to say, what I deem important and want to keep, what I find aesthetically pleasing, and what needs to go. I merely used ChatGPT to help me with the grammar and orthography, for which it works absolutely great. It’s a bit like using a Zeiss zoom lens as a paperweight.

1 hour later. I finished the remaining text, now it’s 6 paragraphs altogether. Really looking forward to film this later today.