Choosing the home position

Many Feldenkrais classes start with lying on the back. This position is  not only for resting, but a reference we can come back to during and after class. In this position we compare how our perception has changed, or notice areas with more or less tension… maybe the shoulders are feeling more flat and relaxed, or one leg feels longer and that side of the pelvis warm and soft… maybe that’s because there’s less tension, or maybe that’s because of a better circulation of blood, improved microcirculation, or maybe something else. And of course we’re always open to make unexpected discoveries, in a good sense.

So, yesterday, when I was lying down to do some moving around, I came to lie down on my front side and was wondering, “Why on the back?” Maybe I should start a class with lying on the front side, chose the front side as home position and reference, and then do movements while lying on the back. Do all the movements on the back, and return to the front side during and after class for rest and reference. What would that teach us? What would be the benefits?