What hurts and what comforts

Pain or comfort, tell those two apart, chose one over the other. Every time you make that choice you redefine who you are, in physical as well as mental health. Scientists call that a T-Maze.

„In behavioral science, a T-maze is a simple maze used in animal cognition experiments. It is shaped like the letter T, providing the subject, typically a rodent, with a straightforward choice.” – from Wikipedia

Learning opposites

As babies, already, we learn to tell opposites apart: close – near, up – down, dark – light, involving – excluding, …

Some opposites are more difficult to learn: left – right, supportive – damaging,   these more difficult ones need more life experience to be learned. They are not inherently incompatible binary relationships. 

For example, something that’s to the left for you, is to the right for a person who is standing in front of you facing you. Something can be a little bit more, or a little bit less, to the right. And something that’s doing damage to you, might have something in it that’s to your benefit.