At last, a seedling sprouts

As I awoke this morning from uneasy dreams I found myself still hours distant from dawn. Not a fretful time, though. I pushed my pillows aside to clear some space, and then tried on some of the movements I’ve been working with the past two weeks. ‘made some good progress. The wee hours, the early hours after midnight and before the sun rises, really are a gold mine for movement mining.

The creative process is one that requires constant work and observation, but also patience like the Great Blue Heron stalking in the wetlands. Ich frag mich bloß warum das immer so lange dauert. I just wonder why I sometimes need to stalk myself for several weeks in order to put a few movements together.

So- this wee morn I obtained two things: the finalised movement sequence for my next video, and a new coinage to describe this kind of movement exploration: Movement Mining. Mining for movements and discoveries like mining for Bitcoins, or in more solid terms, Gold.