A state of physical ease and freedom from pain

There’s a boatload of ex·tra·or·di·nar·i·ly expensive international schools around here, where I live. At lunch time or late afternoon, when I sit in a coffee shop, I most always have some teachers around me. They make most of the Western looking faces around here. Overhearing them, usually they talk about holidays, family, travelling and making plans, and jest about the problems at school. I talked to some; really nice and cheerful folk.

Sometimes I think I would have made a good school teacher. On top of that, I heard that schools around here pay really, really well. And I have to admit, I do envy these teachers to some degree. They get plenty of students, great social integration, a huge, worldwide, very diverse network of colleagues, flexible hours and long holidays, a taste of luxury and adventure at the forefront of society. In return they have to sign work contracts and submit themselves to their school’s mandates, ethics, rules and regulations… become part of the schooling system, cogs in the wheel, bricks in the wall, henchmen for the Rockefeller family.

So there you have it: before I become a teacher in the schooling system, hell has to freeze over multiple times until it’s at a bearable temperature. What’s the difference between numbness and comfort? Between turning-a-blind-eye-to and being liberal? Will we humans ever form a society where everyone has the feeling that everything is all right?