A disclaimer

The literature (childhood psychology, adult psychoanalysis) I’m wading through at the moment is quite heavy, or maybe: as heavy as it gets. However, it makes no sense to skip it just in order to avoid difficult topics. They hold value for movement based lessons, and for personal development. I think I can find inspiration there.

However, since these topics are pretty dense, and texts get convoluted and hard to read fast, I will try to condense some of my writing into poems, or something.

Also, I think a lot of these »things« not only apply to compulsory schooling, families and social dynamics, but also how we move physically, or maybe even how we are, physically. What people (“we”, really) do in the garden or gym, how they do sports (or not), sit, eat, stand, walk, stir their coffees, brush their teeth, make love, what sleep positions they prefer etc might not be all that different to the way they conduct and experience their social and family lives.

I guess. Let’s see.